Dorsal Defense Corporation

Technology developed by Biosphere Aerospace, LLC
Dorsal Defense Corporation | 1027 Cindy Lane | Carpinteria, CA 93013 USA
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Conversion of C-130H Hercules to Dorsal UCA (Unmanned Cargo Aircraft)


This video demonstrates conversion of a standard C-130H Hercules to a Dorsal cargo carrier.

Using existing, proven, off-the-shelf aircraft and control components reduces development time and costs a small fraction of new aircraft development.

While the FAA continues to develop and finalize regulations and systems for UCA (Unmanned Cargo Aircraft), Dorsal's Hybrid drone technology adds a pilot module to allow a person on-board to monitor the drone and intervene if necessary.


Dorsal Military UAV Platform

Flexible Multi-Function Military Asset - Three Drones In One

Repurposing unmanned airframe is as simple as changing the container(s). Logistics supply, mid-air fuel tanker, attack platform and more - all with the same UAV airframe.